IN THE FIELD: Explode Your Mary Kay Consulting Business

We are always receiving phone calls and emails from our clients sharing their stories of how they are using the iPrizeWheel app on their iPads. Recently, we talked with an excited Mary Kay consultant who had found and was quickly incorporating iPrizeWheel into her marketing. After a few weeks of testing, she’s convinced that this is one the best tools for her business that she has come across and is crediting the wheel for some of her best sales weeks to date!

So how is she using this for her Mary Kay consulting business and what are some ways that you can quickly incorporate this into your marketing plans?

Load your prize wheel up with multiple smaller gifts and a few $ off panels. Customers can spin the wheel after completing a specific order amount. The more they order, they more they can win!

First, she is using iPrizeWheel as a data collection tool. The app does not require WiFi to operate and collect data, and because it’s on the iPad, it presents a very portable marketing tool to walk around anywhere and get people to spin. By collecting names and emails, she is able to give the user something small as a “thank you” and then turn around and market to them as soon as she is back in the office with a follow-up email, or even phone call. And because of the unique use of technology, along with the free gift they were surprised with, there is instant familiarity and trust that is built, helping to close sales more often than any other type of cold calling would generate.

Another way iPrizeWheel can help Mary Kay consultants is at the party level. The Premium version (available as a $10 in-app upgrade) allows you to have multiple campaigns. A great idea would be to allow a spin on the wheel if someone books another home party. Or, allow those at a party to spin the wheel based on their order amount. There could be three levels/wheels, and each would have 14 smaller prizes, plus 2 “dollar off” prizes. As the customer order increases, so does the prize values and the dollar off.

Use multiple campaigns to quickly toggle between various incentive levels.

You can easily and quickly switch between campaigns, they can all collect data separately (if needed) and this is a proven way with many clients of ours to increase sales at home parties. (“Beth, I see you’ve got $40 ordered. If you select ten more dollars, you’ll get to spin our Gold wheel for a chance to win free product OR $20 off your purchase!”)

Your guests will eat this up! And when you hook your iPad 2/3 up to the living room HDTV (click here to read how) to mirror the screen, you’ll bring a fun and exciting new element to the party that everyone will want to participate in, increasing your overall sales in the process!

These are just a few ways to incorporate iPrizeWheel into your Mary Kay business. If you have other ideas that have worked for you, please let us know in the comments below.

Click here to visit for more information on this iPad app.

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iPrizeWheel Gold Edition Is Here

Our customers have driven our development since day one, and the new Gold Edition, available in iPrizeWheel V3.0, is no exception.

V3.0 Gold Edition introduces the most requested feature we’ve ever had for iPrizeWheel: Prize Weights. This allows you to customize the amount of times each prize is landed on in a 100 spin cycle. Simply tap on “Click Here To Set Prizes” on the Create/Edit Campaign screen and you’ll see a default P(x) number next to each panel. Whether you’re using a 16, 24 or 32 panel wheel, the system will select the best possible random sequence that will make all panels equal throughout a 100 spin cycle. Simply change these numbers up and down, with the grand total equaling 100, and you’re all set!

Have a GRAND PRIZE that you rarely want to give out? Give it a “1” and it will only come up once every 100 spins. Or, if you’re into the whole “false hope” sort of thing, set it at zero and rest easy that you’ll never be giving out that prize. Of course, like all the features, you can also go in and toggle these numbers in a live campaign, in case you feel generous at any given time. This gives you the ability to adjust as your campaign remains active.

Want to start over and accept the system’s default, equally random settings? Tap on “Set Default P(x)” to return to the suggested numbers.

NOTE: Use of the Prize Weight functionality P(x) in iPrizeWheel is done so AT YOUR OWN RISK. iPrizeWheel shall not be held accountable if you give away one too many cars or $100 bills. Seriously though, this is novelty software and the intent of this functionality is to help you give away less expensive items and more inexpensive items, like stickers and pencils. If you use iPrizeWheel to give away high valued prizes, you assume all responsibility and recognize the risk of doing so.


iPrizeWheel Gold Edition also includes a much requested feature in the data collection settings. Now, you can add custom data collection fields and/or checkboxes!

Tap on Data Options in the Create/Edit Campaign screen and then tap on “Add/Edit Custom Fields.” From here you can tap on the PLUS icon to add unlimited custom fields. Custom fields are text boxes by default, but you can turn them into check boxes if you’d like. Simply toggle “Check Box” on/off. NOTE: You currently can not rearrange the order of the Data Collection fields, so map this out before entering.

IMG_0663So, what’s next for iPrizeWheel? You tell us! Leave a comment below or email your suggestions for new features to

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iPrizeWheel V3.0 Brings New Features To Basic/Premium Editions

When we first started development of Version 3.0, we quickly discovered that the way we initially built the app would not allow the features we were looking to add. So after years of development, we found ourselves back at square one.

Fast forward 22 months later, a timeline we all hoped would have been drastically reduced, and we’re excited to announce that Version 3.0 of iPrizeWheel is finally here!

We have redesigned the entire app from the ground up, adding many features, fixing bugs and introducing an entirely new edition that will continues to set iPrizeWheel apart from every other solution out there. We kept the prices of BASIC and PREMIUM the same, adding more value and functionality for our current customers, and are introducing a new GOLD edition at an very affordable price. And no monthly fees. Ever.

Here’s what’s new in V3.0.


An example of the newly redesigned congrats screen. Control the font text, color, background color and opacity in PREMIUM and GOLD versions.

See iTunes For Current Pricing

  • Spin Text/Arrow Color Adjustment
    You can now control the color of the text in the middle circle as well as the spin arrow (previously, you could toggle between black and white).

See iTunes For Current Pricing

  • Toggle Spin Time
    Choose between the standard 7 seconds and a new 3 second spin time.
  • Toggle Spin Click
    Many of our customers wanted the ability to toggle the spin click without replacing the “ding” at the congrats screen. You can now do that easily!
  • Edit the Congrats “Ding”
    Now you can play any sound or song that’s loaded on your iPad. Perfect for sound effects, company or team jingles or even your own custom tone that you design!
  • Custom Text In Center Circle
    Don’t have a logo? No problem! You can now change the text in the center circle to whatever you want!
  • More Color Customization
    Change the wheel background color, the wheel borders and even the prize arrow!
  • More Congrats Screen Customization
    We’ve redesign the screen to look more professional and you can now change the text color, the background color and the opacity.

The New Campaign Edit Screen For Both Premium & Gold Editions

See iTunes For Current Pricing

Our two biggest requests were some of the most challenging programming we encountered, and forced the rewrite of the entire app. We have bundled these into a new Gold Edition that’s available as an in-app upgrade once you update your existing app.

  • Add Custom Data Fields and Checkboxes to Data Collection Panel
    In addition to the 14 presets for data collection (Name, Email, Zip, etc.), you can now add an unlimited amount of custom data collection fields as well as custom checkboxes.
  • Control Panel/Prize Weight and Probability
    This is the big one! Up until now, you have had zero control over what prizes are landed on. But now, you have the ability to control what you give away in a 100 spin cycle. You can even set panels at “0” if you want to limit that special GRAND PRIZE to never coming up until you are ready. Or, if you’re into false hope, maybe not at all.

The New Panel Edit Screen With Gold Version Prize Weight Functionality

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IN THE FIELD: iPrizeWheel As An Educational App In The Classroom!

We’ve heard of iPrizeWheel being used in the classroom and have written a blog with lots of ideas on how to incorporate iPrizeWheel into educational learning. You can read that post here.

We recently heard from Melissa, a teacher at Grace Christian Academy who has been using iPrizeWheel to teach her students math and vocabulary. Here’s what she had to say…

I teach school. I am buying this app for math games and vocabulary. I can put an equation or Vocab word and when they spin, that is their question. We run our iPad through the PC using software called reflection. The PC is connected to a projector. I love the fact that I can put this on multiple iPads using the same iTunes account, and the students can play in small groups.

I will be sharing your app at several teacher conferences this summer and will be using it as a way to give away prizes at Vacation Bible Sschool this summer. I am also going to use it in chapel next week. I am speaking on social media and I am going to put behaviors on the wheel and let kids come up and spin it. Then I will speak on that topic. Thank you so much for iPrizeWheel!


WOW! Some great ideas as well as a way to project iPrizeWheel using a PC. We haven’t heard of reflection so that’s a great tip as well. We may have to write about that in a future post. Thanks Melissa for inspiring your children through recent technology while getting them excited for learning at the same time! What a great combination.

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IDEAS: More Great iPad Stands From Pad Buddy

padbuddy_productWe love linking to great products that when combined with an iPad and iPrizeWheel, would make a pretty cool experience for the end user. Here are some quality stands from Finland company, Pad Buddy, that you should check out if your considering for alternative ways to display your iPads.

It doesn’t look like they take direct orders but they do have resellers world-wide. If interested, their customer support should be able to answer any questions and point you in the right direction.

If nothing else, we love the idea and there are a lot of other options out there that are similar in style.

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IDEAS: A Compact And Economical Projector For iPad

We get a lot of questions about how to display iPrizeWheel on a bigger monitor. We’ve talked about how to do this with any HDMI enabled TV in this post, but what if getting a giant 50″ TV, TV Stand and more is a little bit of a headache. Well, we just got tipped to a piece of equipment that might solve these issues.

Brookstone’s HDMI Pocket Projector connects to your iPad (as well as most mobile devices) and will project iPrizeWheel (or anything on the iPad’s screen) in a bright, sharp image up to 60″ diagonal! It’s rechargeable and portable and the mega-bright LED lamp projects up to 85 lumens for up to 2 hours on a single charge (AC adapter available).

Check it out if you’re looking for a different solution than a bulky HDTV.

Untitled-3Note: If you have the new iPad 4 with smaller Lightning connector, you will need this accessory in order to output video (not shown in photo above):


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IDEAS: Cool iPad Stands Are Coming To Market

We’ve come across a line of cool iPad stands that would work really well in a trade show environment. They aren’t cheap but is a great option to get the iPad off the table and, when combined with iPrizeWheel, should leave a huge impressions to your visitors.


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IDEAS: Contest Entries As Prizes

We’ve had a lot of clients ask us about adding probablity and prize weights to iPrizeWheel. It’s proved to be a more complicated update than expected and we want to do this right. The last thing we (or you) want is a wheel that says the $1,000 panel will only come up in 1 in 10,000 spins, and then it hits twice in 10 minutes.

So for now, we’re not offering this functionality. But what do you do if you have larger prizes you want to add to the wheel? We have a great idea that you can use on all panels with multiple giveaways or maybe just a few panels scattered in between the smaller prizes.

Collect data from your spinners and have them entered into a grand prize in they land on a specific panel. For example, in between a pencil, balloon and coffee mug, you also have a $25 GIFT CARD DRAWING and/or a $100 CASH GIVEAWAY. Those that land on that panel will be recorded and you can “draw” the winner at any time during your event.

We’ve heard of clients having multiple drawings throughout the day, and that will bring people back to your booth and create some excitement and buzz!

Another idea is to just give away a grand prize to anyone who spins. That gives you a huge message to pull people into your area. SPIN TO WIN A TRIP FOR 2! Everyone is a winner of a smaller prize, but then everyone is entered to win that Grand Prize!

The great thing about iPrizeWheel is the endless amounts of options available to you. We’ve created the canvas…you get to create your promotion!

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TIPS: Add A Bluetooth Keyboard For Data Entry

If you are going to be at an event, we have found that pairing a Boothtooth enabled keyboard to your iPad reduces the time it takes for people to complete their data entry and spin the wheel.

Apple makes a great option that is compact but it runs off batteries so you need to replace those on a daily basis. There are also options that plug in and really, any Bluetooth enabled keyboard would work.

We’ve had 4 devices on a table at once, all paired with keyboards without any issues, but make sure those manning the table know how to edit the settings just in case it looses it pairing. You’ll find these settings in SETTINGS > GENERAL > BLUETOOTH (make sure Bluetooth is turned on and you’ll find the keyboard under devices. See instructions on how to properly pair a device with your iPad).

Apple makes a great compact keyboard. It’s a bit pricey but works well.

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IN THE FIELD: Retail Prize Wheel Event – On The Move

Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama has been using the iPrizeWheel at many of their store events. They are able to walk around the store with an iPad and surprise guests with a free spin of the wheel that gets them various discounts and coupons to use in store during their visit.

Happy Winners At Unclaimed Baggage Center, Scottsboro, Alabama

What a fantastic way to incorporate iPrizeWheel into the retail shopping environment. Here’s what they had to say.

“We recently used iPrizeWheel in our retail store for a Labor Sale Weekend sale and our shoppers were very happy. We loved the fact that we could take the iPad to the customers who were both waiting in line, and we also found customers forming a line waiting for spin that was 50-75 people deep! We gave away percentage off coupons for any item they wanted and coffee and snacks from our cafe. The prize wheel was a big hit and the energy and excitement that it created led to an amazing weekend of sales at the cash registers. It was a lot of fun for our staff and “cool” was the popular word of the day. Great job on the app and we really look forward to bringing this out again for future promotions. Any small retailer should really look at incorporating iPrizeWheel into their event marketing.” -Chris Rainey, Vice President of Marketing, Unclaimed Baggage Center

Wherever you find iPrizeWheel, you find a line full of people waiting to spin!


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