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"We were thrilled with iPrizeWheel at our booth. We had 4 iPads set up and all were busy 95% of the time! Lines were deep, people loved it and we scored thousands of sign-ups!" -Kevin M  
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iPrizeWheel Available Now - Virtual Prize Wheel, Game Wheel, Spin To Win Game, Wheels Of Fortune - App For iPad, iPad 2

The prize wheel & game wheel has finally been reinvented for the digital iPad revolution! Introducing iPrizeWheel, the all new game wheel app that turns your iPad into a portable game wheel, customizable in just minutes!

Why spend up to $1,000 on a heavy, bulky spin wheel that's expensive to ship, time consuming to customize and locks you into a single theme/brand?

Now you can bring the prize wheel experience with you while you walk through a crowd, or let people come to you at your own location or booth. Plus, use your iPad 2 or iPad 3 HDMI output to hook iPrizeWheel up to any HDTV for an even bigger draw and watch the crowds form out of nowhere as people line up to interact with the iPad and iPrizeWheel technology.

iPrizeWheel is completely realistic with sound effects and spin motion. It is ideal for any occasion where fun is required and excitement around your brand is a must:

  • Trade Shows
  • Concerts / Live Events
  • Kiosks / Booths
  • Sports Bars / Restaurants
  • Youth Groups / Parties
  • Radio Stations
  • Retail
  • Dentist/Ortho Offices
  • Classrooms

Version 2.1 (Now Available) / VERSION 3.0 COMING FALL 2014!

  • New 24-Panel Access For Basic Users
    Now basic users can use both a 16-panel and new 24-panel wheel!

  • New 32-Panel (Premium)
    We've added a 32-panel wheel for premium users giving them three wheel configurations.

  • Panel Text Customization (Premium)
    Premium users can now change the font and size of the text on the panels! This has been a huge request and we're excited to offer it. Choose from hundreds of fonts and multiple sizes.

    We've also numbered the panel text fields to help you better organize your prizes on the wheel during setup.

  • Wheel Preview (Premium)
    You can now preview your wheel inside the panel text screen without having to close, save, reopen settings, etc. Huge time saver!

  • Add Fields To Data Collection (Premium)
    Cell Phone and Age added to data field options.

  • Enter Now Works Like Tab
    For those who are using keyboards with their iPads, hitting ENTER now works like TAB when moving through fields on the data entry screen.

  • Fixed multiple bugs

Click here to view the list of current features available.

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