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iPrizeWheel Features

iPrizeWheel is available in three versions, Basic and Premium, giving you complete control over your virtual prize wheel.

Manage Campaigns unlimited unlimited 1
Number Of Different Panel Colors 4 4 2
Change Panel Text Color   
Change Middle Circle Color   
Change Spin Arrow Color  
1-Tap Campaign Copying (Import / Export Wheel Set-Up To Second Device)  
16-Panel Prize Wheel
24-Panel Prize Wheel  
32-Panel Prize Wheel  
NEW IN V3! Toggle Spin Time Between 7 Seconds and 3 Seconds  
NEW IN V3! Toggle Spin Click On/Off  
NEW IN V3! Edit the Congrats Sound At End Of Wheel Spin (Play Any Sound/Song Loaded On iPad)  
Custom "CONGRATS" Screen Text   
NEW IN V3! Custom Text In Center Circle If Logo Is Not Added  
NEW IN V3! More Color Customization - Change the Spin Arrow, Background, Wheel Borders and Prize Arrow  
NEW IN V3! More Congrats Screen Customization - Change Text Color, Background Color and Opacity  
Add Your Own Logo!   
Turn On Powerful Data Collection Tools (Collect Name, Email, etc. before spin)  
Customize Your Data Entry Screen (Choose from Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Phone, Mobile/Cell, Street Address, City, State, Zip and Age)  
Customize Your Panel Text (Change The Font And The Font Size)  
Preview Your Wheel In Development  
Kiosk Mode In-App Screensaver (Play Photos & Videos When Not In Use)  
NEW IN V3! Add Custom Data Fields and Checkboxes to Data Collection Panel    
NEW IN V3! Control Panel/Prize Weight and Probability    

Premium Feature - Data Collection Tools

iPrizeWheel Premium allows you to toggle our Data Collection Tools on and off. When on, users are prompted to enter their requested date before they are able to spin the wheel. You can toggle on/off the following fields: Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email. Once the prize has been awarded, the data entry prompt is displayed for the next user. This is an excellent way to use iPrizeWheel to generate additional subscribers to your email, or market to them after your event. Data can be exported in a CSV file (Excel) and emailed at any time during a campaign.

In addition, the app will log the prize they won, along with the date and time the spin occurred, giving you even more information about your campaign.

Development Log

Have a feature you'd love to see in iPrizeWheel. Please send comments and feedback to

Version 3.34 (Current Live Version)
Released January 19, 2017

  • Fixed bug that was not allowing data download in Premium version.

Version 3.33
Released January 2017

  • Added ability to customize app colors using universal HEX code.
  • Fixed bug that was causing spacing issues on panels.
  • Updated graphics on edit screen in basic version.
  • Improved stability on latest iOS

Version 3.32
Released June 2016

  • Limited character limit to 100 on Campaign Name and Panel Prizes to avoid crashing the app.
  • Increased Performance

Version 3.31
Released February 2016

  • Fixed bugs
  • Increased performance

Version 3.3
Released December 2015

  • Fixed multiple bugs that was causing iOS 9.x crashes
  • Fixed bug causing click sound and congrats sound to be sent to different outputs when connected to HDMi
  • Removed character limits on both the campaign title and the prize wheel name panels
  • Added support for characters in both the campaign title and the prize wheel name panels
  • Updated the color wheel selection layout
  • Fixed graphics on the Premium/Gold Create Campaign screens
  • Updated minimum install version from iOS 5.1 to iOS 7.1

Version 3.21
Released June 2015

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Adjusted graphics to allow for price events
Version 3.2
Released April 2015


  • Displayed Character Space On Panel Increased 30%
  • Price On GOLD Edition Reduced
  • Data Retrieval / File Sharing Via iTunes Restored


  • Crash On Data Export Fixed
  • Crash On Prize Entries Fixed
  • Wrong Prize Displayed On Congrats Screen Fixed
  • Minor Text Updates/Spelling Updates Fixed
  • Multiple Small Bugs Resolved

Version 3.1
Released Janaury 2015


  • Updated Pricing Structure
  • Fix Critical Bugs With V3.0

Version 3.0
Released December 2014


  • Export and Import a Campaign now works!
    Quickly duplicate any campaign on additional devices.

  • Improved Randomization
    We've improved the way standard randomization works in all versions.


  • Spin Text/Arrow Color Adjustment
    You can now control the color of the text in the middle circle as well as the spin arrow (previously, you could toggle between black and white).


  • Toggle Spin Time
    Choose between the standard 7 seconds and a new 3 second spin time.

  • Toggle Spin Click
    Many of our customers wanted the ability to toggle the spin click without replacing the "ding" at the congrats screen. You can now do that easily!

  • Edit the Congrats "Ding"
    Now you can play any sound or song that's loaded on your iPad. Perfect for sound effects, company or team jingles or even your own custom tone that you design!

  • Custom Text In Center Circle
    Don't have a logo? No problem! You can now change the text in the center circle to whatever you want!

  • More Color Customization
    Change the wheel background color, the wheel borders and even the prize arrow!

  • More Congrats Screen Customization
    We've redesigned the screen to look more professional and you can now change the text color, the background color and the opacity.

Our two biggest requests were some of the most challenging programming we encountered, and forced the rewrite of the entire app. We have bundled these into a new Gold Edition that's available as an in-app upgrade once you update your existing app.

  • Add Custom Data Fields and Checkboxes to Data Collection Panel
    In addition to the 14 presets for data collection (Name, Email, Zip, etc.), you can now add an unlimited amount of custom data collection fields as well as custom checkboxes.

  • Control Panel/Prize Weight and Probability
    This is the big one! Up until now, you have had zero control over what prizes are landed on. But now, you have the ability to control what you give away in a 100 spin cycle. You can even set panels at "0" if you want to limit that special GRAND PRIZE to never coming up until you are ready. Or, if you're into false hope, maybe not at all

Version 2.1
Released December 2011

  • New 24-Panel Access For Basic Users
    Now basic users can use both a 16-panel and new 24-panel wheel!

  • New 32-Panel (Premium)
    We've added a 32-panel wheel for premium users giving them three wheel configurations.

  • Panel Text Customization (Premium)
    Premium users can now change the font and size of the text on the panels! This has been a huge request and we're excited to offer it. Choose from hundreds of fonts and multiple sizes.

    We've also numbered the panel text fields to help you better organize your prizes on the wheel during setup.

  • Wheel Preview (Premium)
    You can now preview your wheel inside the panel text screen without having to close, save, reopen settings, etc. Huge time saver!

  • Add Fields To Data Collection (Premium)
    Cell Phone and Age added to data field options.

  • Enter Now Works Like Tab
    For those who are using keyboards with their iPads, hitting ENTER now works like TAB when moving through fields on the data entry screen.

  • Fixed multiple bugs
Version 2.0
Released October 2011
  • Protect The Settings
    Hide the settings gear icon so it's not visible to users of the app, but still accessible to the admin without having to close the app.

  • Add FAQ/Instructions Button & Page
    As we continue to develop the app, we want to make sure we are providing documentation accessible from the app itself.

  • PREMIUM FEATURE! Ability To Export and Import Campaign Settings
    Great for setting up multiple iPads quickly with a custom theme.

  • PREMIUM FEATURE! Kiosk Mode / Screensaver
    Ability to play video/photos after a set amount of time without leaving the app. Tapping on the screen will bring the user back to the prize wheel to spin.

Expected launch date is early October 2011.

Version 1.2
Released August 2011

  • PREMIUM FEATURE! Custom Data Collection
    Set fields for data collection and toggle requirement (Field Options Include: Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Street Address, City, State and Zip)

Version 1.1
Released July 2011

  • Added Double Lines On Panels
    Allow for prizes to go to two lines on the wheel panels.

  • PREMIUM FEATURE! Return To Default Spin To Win Logo
    After adding custom logo, you can now return to the generic SPIN TO WIN logo with one click.

  • PREMIUM FEATURE! Added Ability To Copy Campaigns
    Allows admin to copy campaign settings inside app to quickly duplicate a wheel's settings to another campaign.

    Allows admin to replace default win message "CONGRATS! YOU WON" with any desired text.

Version 1.0
iPrizeWheel launched June 2011

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