TIPS: Mirror Your iPad Screen On An HDTV

The idea for iPrizeWheel really came alive when Apple released the highly anticipated iPad 2. The complete redesign of the device also introduced a new feature: the ability to mirror anything your iPad screen on an HDMI connected device. Visions of having the iPrizeWheel displayed on 30″, 40″ and 50″ monitors became an instant reality and the concept really came alive.

iPrizeWheel At The 2011 Summer X Games

The benefits of having iPrizeWheel displayed on an HDTV are many:

  • It’s a great way to pull in the crowds at events, where the iPad screen would otherwise be blocked by those interacting with the device.
  • It’s a great way to amplify the sound effects in iPrizeWheel, most importantly, the clicking noise that we’ve all grown familiar with on the old fashioned spin wheels.
  • In a classroom or group setting, people can follow what’s happening on the iPad even when the iPad is not facing them. You don’t have to hover around a tiny screen to see what’s going on.

So how do you get your iPad 2 (or newer models) to mirror what’s on the screen. It’s quite easy. All you need are:

  • Apple’s HDMI converter which allows you to plug in an HDMI cable as well as the charger cord. This costs $39.00. Note: If you have the new iPad 4 with smaller Lightning connector, you will need a different accessory in order to output video (not shown in photo above): The 30-pin to Lightening converter will not work with video output.
  • An HDMI cord. Any one will work and you can get this at any electronics store. Make sure you get one long enough to reach your TV if you’re at an event. They come in various lengths.
  • An HDMI compatible TV or computer monitor. Any flat screen TV will work as HDMI connectors have been out for many years now. Computer monitors also work but the price of TVs have come down so much, it’s cheaper to go that route.

You can get some great deals on a 32″ TV for around $200.00 and we’ve found this to be a perfect size for various events. As a bonus, you can switch quickly to your website, show photos or more as this isn’t a function of iPrizeWheel as much as it’s a function of your iPad.

If you’re at a event, and you don’t want to ship such a cheap TV home (shipping is expensive and we’ve had a few turn up damaged), just give the TV away as a grand prize at the end of the event. If you’re collecting data, this is a HUGE incentive for people to give accurate data as well as interact with your brand.

BONUS TIP: Because iPrizeWheel is designed for the iPad screen, and not for an HDMI output, change your TV’s display settings to ZOOM or ZOOM WIDE so that it takes up the full length of your screen. You may loose a bit of your logo, but you’ll gain a bit more visability, which is what you’re after with the HD display.

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