TIPS: Add A Bluetooth Keyboard For Data Entry

If you are going to be at an event, we have found that pairing a Boothtooth enabled keyboard to your iPad reduces the time it takes for people to complete their data entry and spin the wheel.

Apple makes a great option that is compact but it runs off batteries so you need to replace those on a daily basis. There are also options that plug in and really, any Bluetooth enabled keyboard would work.

We’ve had 4 devices on a table at once, all paired with keyboards without any issues, but make sure those manning the table know how to edit the settings just in case it looses it pairing. You’ll find these settings in SETTINGS > GENERAL > BLUETOOTH (make sure Bluetooth is turned on and you’ll find the keyboard under devices. See instructions on how to properly pair a device with your iPad).

Apple makes a great compact keyboard. It’s a bit pricey but works well.

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