IN THE FIELD: Retail Prize Wheel Event – On The Move

Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama has been using the iPrizeWheel at many of their store events. They are able to walk around the store with an iPad and surprise guests with a free spin of the wheel that gets them various discounts and coupons to use in store during their visit.

Happy Winners At Unclaimed Baggage Center, Scottsboro, Alabama

What a fantastic way to incorporate iPrizeWheel into the retail shopping environment. Here’s what they had to say.

“We recently used iPrizeWheel in our retail store for a Labor Sale Weekend sale and our shoppers were very happy. We loved the fact that we could take the iPad to the customers who were both waiting in line, and we also found customers forming a line waiting for spin that was 50-75 people deep! We gave away percentage off coupons for any item they wanted and coffee and snacks from our cafe. The prize wheel was a big hit and the energy and excitement that it created led to an amazing weekend of sales at the cash registers. It was a lot of fun for our staff and “cool” was the popular word of the day. Great job on the app and we really look forward to bringing this out again for future promotions. Any small retailer should really look at incorporating iPrizeWheel into their event marketing.” -Chris Rainey, Vice President of Marketing, Unclaimed Baggage Center

Wherever you find iPrizeWheel, you find a line full of people waiting to spin!


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