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We are always receiving phone calls and emails from our clients sharing their stories of how they are using the iPrizeWheel app on their iPads. Recently, we talked with an excited Mary Kay consultant who had found and was quickly incorporating iPrizeWheel into her marketing. After a few weeks of testing, she’s convinced that this is one the best tools for her business that she has come across and is crediting the wheel for some of her best sales weeks to date!

So how is she using this for her Mary Kay consulting business and what are some ways that you can quickly incorporate this into your marketing plans?

Load your prize wheel up with multiple smaller gifts and a few $ off panels. Customers can spin the wheel after completing a specific order amount. The more they order, they more they can win!

First, she is using iPrizeWheel as a data collection tool. The app does not require WiFi to operate and collect data, and because it’s on the iPad, it presents a very portable marketing tool to walk around anywhere and get people to spin. By collecting names and emails, she is able to give the user something small as a “thank you” and then turn around and market to them as soon as she is back in the office with a follow-up email, or even phone call. And because of the unique use of technology, along with the free gift they were surprised with, there is instant familiarity and trust that is built, helping to close sales more often than any other type of cold calling would generate.

Another way iPrizeWheel can help Mary Kay consultants is at the party level. The Premium version (available as a $10 in-app upgrade) allows you to have multiple campaigns. A great idea would be to allow a spin on the wheel if someone books another home party. Or, allow those at a party to spin the wheel based on their order amount. There could be three levels/wheels, and each would have 14 smaller prizes, plus 2 “dollar off” prizes. As the customer order increases, so does the prize values and the dollar off.

Use multiple campaigns to quickly toggle between various incentive levels.

You can easily and quickly switch between campaigns, they can all collect data separately (if needed) and this is a proven way with many clients of ours to increase sales at home parties. (“Beth, I see you’ve got $40 ordered. If you select ten more dollars, you’ll get to spin our Gold wheel for a chance to win free product OR $20 off your purchase!”)

Your guests will eat this up! And when you hook your iPad 2/3 up to the living room HDTV (click here to read how) to mirror the screen, you’ll bring a fun and exciting new element to the party that everyone will want to participate in, increasing your overall sales in the process!

These are just a few ways to incorporate iPrizeWheel into your Mary Kay business. If you have other ideas that have worked for you, please let us know in the comments below.

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