iPrizeWheel V3.0 Brings New Features To Basic/Premium Editions

When we first started development of Version 3.0, we quickly discovered that the way we initially built the app would not allow the features we were looking to add. So after years of development, we found ourselves back at square one.

Fast forward 22 months later, a timeline we all hoped would have been drastically reduced, and we’re excited to announce that Version 3.0 of iPrizeWheel is finally here!

We have redesigned the entire app from the ground up, adding many features, fixing bugs and introducing an entirely new edition that will continues to set iPrizeWheel apart from every other solution out there. We kept the prices of BASIC and PREMIUM the same, adding more value and functionality for our current customers, and are introducing a new GOLD edition at an very affordable price. And no monthly fees. Ever.

Here’s what’s new in V3.0.


An example of the newly redesigned congrats screen. Control the font text, color, background color and opacity in PREMIUM and GOLD versions.

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  • Spin Text/Arrow Color Adjustment
    You can now control the color of the text in the middle circle as well as the spin arrow (previously, you could toggle between black and white).

See iTunes For Current Pricing

  • Toggle Spin Time
    Choose between the standard 7 seconds and a new 3 second spin time.
  • Toggle Spin Click
    Many of our customers wanted the ability to toggle the spin click without replacing the “ding” at the congrats screen. You can now do that easily!
  • Edit the Congrats “Ding”
    Now you can play¬†any sound or song that’s loaded on your iPad. Perfect for sound effects, company or team jingles or even your own custom tone that you design!
  • Custom Text In Center Circle
    Don’t have a logo? No problem! You can now change the text in the center circle to whatever you want!
  • More Color Customization
    Change the wheel background color, the wheel borders and even the prize arrow!
  • More Congrats Screen Customization
    We’ve redesign the screen to look more professional and you can now change the text color, the background color and the opacity.

The New Campaign Edit Screen For Both Premium & Gold Editions

See iTunes For Current Pricing

Our two biggest requests were some of the most challenging programming we encountered, and forced the rewrite of the entire app. We have bundled these into a new Gold Edition that’s available as an in-app upgrade once you update your existing app.

  • Add Custom Data Fields and Checkboxes to Data Collection Panel
    In addition to the 14 presets for data collection (Name, Email, Zip, etc.), you can now add an unlimited amount of custom data collection fields as well as custom checkboxes.
  • Control Panel/Prize Weight and Probability
    This is the big one! Up until now, you have had zero control over what prizes are landed on. But now, you have the ability to control what you give away in a 100 spin cycle. You can even set panels at “0” if you want to limit that special GRAND PRIZE to never coming up until you are ready. Or, if you’re into false hope, maybe not at all.

The New Panel Edit Screen With Gold Version Prize Weight Functionality

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