iPrizeWheel Gold Edition Is Here

Our customers have driven our development since day one, and the new Gold Edition, available in iPrizeWheel V3.0, is no exception.

V3.0 Gold Edition introduces the most requested feature we’ve ever had for iPrizeWheel: Prize Weights. This allows you to customize the amount of times each prize is landed on in a 100 spin cycle. Simply tap on “Click Here To Set Prizes” on the Create/Edit Campaign screen and you’ll see a default P(x) number next to each panel. Whether you’re using a 16, 24 or 32 panel wheel, the system will select the best possible random sequence that will make all panels equal throughout a 100 spin cycle. Simply change these numbers up and down, with the grand total equaling 100, and you’re all set!

Have a GRAND PRIZE that you rarely want to give out? Give it a “1” and it will only come up once every 100 spins. Or, if you’re into the whole “false hope” sort of thing, set it at zero and rest easy that you’ll never be giving out that prize. Of course, like all the features, you can also go in and toggle these numbers in a live campaign, in case you feel generous at any given time. This gives you the ability to adjust as your campaign remains active.

Want to start over and accept the system’s default, equally random settings? Tap on “Set Default P(x)” to return to the suggested numbers.

NOTE: Use of the Prize Weight functionality P(x) in iPrizeWheel is done so AT YOUR OWN RISK. iPrizeWheel shall not be held accountable if you give away one too many cars or $100 bills. Seriously though, this is novelty software and the intent of this functionality is to help you give away less expensive items and more inexpensive items, like stickers and pencils. If you use iPrizeWheel to give away high valued prizes, you assume all responsibility and recognize the risk of doing so.


iPrizeWheel Gold Edition also includes a much requested feature in the data collection settings. Now, you can add custom data collection fields and/or checkboxes!

Tap on Data Options in the Create/Edit Campaign screen and then tap on “Add/Edit Custom Fields.” From here you can tap on the PLUS icon to add unlimited custom fields. Custom fields are text boxes by default, but you can turn them into check boxes if you’d like. Simply toggle “Check Box” on/off. NOTE: You currently can not rearrange the order of the Data Collection fields, so map this out before entering.

IMG_0663So, what’s next for iPrizeWheel? You tell us! Leave a comment below or email your suggestions for new features to info@iprizewheel.com.

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