IN THE FIELD: iPrizeWheel As An Educational App In The Classroom!

We’ve heard of iPrizeWheel being used in the classroom and have written a blog with lots of ideas on how to incorporate iPrizeWheel into educational learning. You can read that post here.

We recently heard from Melissa, a teacher at Grace Christian Academy who has been using iPrizeWheel to teach her students math and vocabulary. Here’s what she had to say…

I teach school. I am buying this app for math games and vocabulary. I can put an equation or Vocab word and when they spin, that is their question. We run our iPad through the PC using software called reflection. The PC is connected to a projector. I love the fact that I can put this on multiple iPads using the same iTunes account, and the students can play in small groups.

I will be sharing your app at several teacher conferences this summer and will be using it as a way to give away prizes at Vacation Bible Sschool this summer. I am also going to use it in chapel next week. I am speaking on social media and I am going to put behaviors on the wheel and let kids come up and spin it. Then I will speak on that topic. Thank you so much for iPrizeWheel!


WOW! Some great ideas as well as a way to project iPrizeWheel using a PC. We haven’t heard of reflection so that’s a great tip as well. We may have to write about that in a future post. Thanks Melissa for inspiring your children through recent technology while getting them excited for learning at the same time! What a great combination.

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