IDEAS: iPrizeWheel Educational Tool For The Classroom

When we first released iPrizeWheel, we heard quickly from a teacher that downloaded the app and was using it in her class. Her students loved spinning the wheel on the iPad and she was able to quickly connect her iPad 2 to her HDTV monitor so the rest of the class could be in on the excitement.

That conversation got us thinking of all the ways iPrizeWheel could be incorporated into the classroom. Here are some ideas:

  • “Define This Word” – Put a bunch of key words from the current lesson on the wheel and have the students spin. They have to define or talk about that keyword. Split the classroom up in half and have a friendly competition to see who gets the most points!(BONUS TIP: The 32-panel wheel available in the premium version works great for this!)
  • “Win A Prize” – Want to reward good behavior? Being on time? Getting a specific grade? Right answers during a lecture? Let your students spin the wheel for prizes.
  • “Study Series” – If you have a series of topics in a specific study, why not make it fun and spin to see what topic you’ll cover that day?
  • “Class Helper” – Put all the students names on the wheel and spin to see who will be the class helper for the day! (BONUS TIP: You can remove names as they are chosen.)
  • “Choose The Music” – For younger grades, this would be a great way to choose the playtime music in the classroom. Put the CDs on the wheel and spin to see what gets played that day!

BONUS TIP: Do ALL THE ABOVE easily and switch in between wheels with just a few clicks. Premium users can create unlimited campaigns and toggle between them at any time.

These are just a few ideas. There are limitless ideas on how to incorporate iPrizeWheel into the classroom. And the students will LOVE the technology and will come expecting fun when it’s time to spin that wheel!

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