IDEAS: Contest Entries As Prizes

We’ve had a lot of clients ask us about adding probablity¬†and prize weights to iPrizeWheel. It’s proved to be a more complicated update than expected and we want to do this right. The last thing we (or you) want is a wheel that says the $1,000 panel will only come up in 1 in 10,000 spins, and then it hits twice in 10 minutes.

So for now, we’re not offering this functionality. But what do you do if you have larger prizes you want to add to the wheel? We have a great idea that you can use on all panels with multiple giveaways or maybe just a few panels scattered in between the smaller prizes.

Collect data from your spinners and have them entered into a grand prize in they land on a specific panel. For example, in between a pencil, balloon and coffee mug, you also have a $25 GIFT CARD DRAWING and/or a $100 CASH GIVEAWAY. Those that land on that panel will be recorded and you can “draw” the winner at any time during your event.

We’ve heard of clients having multiple drawings throughout the day, and that will bring people back to your booth and create some excitement and buzz!

Another idea is to just give away a grand prize to anyone who spins. That gives you a huge message to pull people into your area. SPIN TO WIN A TRIP FOR 2! Everyone is a winner of a smaller prize, but then everyone is entered to win that Grand Prize!

The great thing about iPrizeWheel is the endless amounts of options available to you. We’ve created the canvas…you get to create your promotion!

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