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As seen this summer at the X-Games, multiple music festivals and tradeshows worldwide! 

Toni Adams, President, 95.9 KISS FM WKUZ
"I was searching for a great promotion for our local fairs and festivals. I did not want a regular wheel as the prizes change quite often and the cost is quite high. Then I came across iPrizeWheel and I couldn’t have been happier! The total cost to get started was incredibly low! $15 for the premium version of the app, $60 for an HDMI cable and $30 for an HDMI adapter. That’s it for a lifetime! And now I have something I can use at hundreds, or even thousands of events, at no extra cost. There were 30 people waiting at a time to spin the wheel!!! And the beauty of it is that I could change the prizes within 1 minute. If I ran out of something, I edited the prize right there and we moved on! Quick and easy! The iPrizeWheel was a smash hit and we will use it in our future remotes and events! We are also planning on implementing it into our morning show. Thank you iPrizeWheel!" -

Sheryl Warwick - Photographer
"My absolute favorite marketing app to use on my iPad is iPrizeWheel. I got the idea from wanting to put up a spinning wheel at my bridal booth. The only thing is I’m not so good with hammers or nails. So it was iPad to the rescue. iPrizeWheel is a digital version of a prize wheel at a local fair. The best part is that to spin the wheel, potential clients have to give me their phone number and email address. The app will email me all of the contacts I've collected at the end of the day with the prizes they have won. I generally get 300 bride's contacts at a bridal fair. I’m tempted to purchase another iPad because sometimes the line gets too long for people to come and spin the wheel. Then they can’t see the videos I was playing, but that’s a good problem to have. It’s amazing to see the crowds pour around it. Every time someone wins, brides scream with delight, luring more potential clients into my booth. It’s a win-win for me and the brides and their winning reactions just fuel the fervor of the event. Every time someone screams while pulling slot machines you want to go look. iPrizeWheel has been a jackpot for me!" -Warwick Boudior | Original Review Posted On

Unclaimed Baggage Center, Scottsboro, Alabama
"We recently used iPrizeWheel in our retail store for a Labor Sale Weekend sale and our shoppers were very happy. We loved the fact that we could take the iPad to the customers who were both waiting in line, and we also found customers forming a line waiting for spin that was 50-75 people deep! We gave away percentage off coupons for any item they wanted and coffee and snacks from our cafe. The prize wheel was a big hit and the energy and excitement that it created led to an amazing weekend of sales at the cash registers. It was a lot of fun for our staff and "cool" was the popular word of the day. Great job on the app and we really look forward to bringing this out again for future promotions. Any small retailer should really look at incorporating iPrizeWheel into their event marketing." -Chris Rainey, Vice President of Marketing, Unclaimed Baggage Center | See Photos From This Event Here

NRT Media, Inc -
"We recently used iPrizeWheel at two summer music festivals that we attended. Our 8' table at our booth had 4 iPads set up with iPrizeWheel Premium, one of which was an iPad 2 hooked up to a 50" HDTV. We knew the solution would be a hit but we didn't expect that all of the iPads would have lines behind them 95% of the time. The reaction from almost everyone was worth the price of this app alone. People loved spinning the wheel on the iPad, everyone commented on how cool the product was and the HDTV really drew the crowds in. The sounds were real and excited as well.

The best part was the data collection. In just 7 days total, we collected over 7,500 names and emails from the app that we were able to export via email in an Excel file...just like that! Effortless, fun, easy to set up and change on the fly...this solution was just incredible for us." -Kevin M., Boise

Just Kid'n Around - Boise, Idaho
"Our company recently held a Bazaar including vendors, live music, food and door prizes. We were excited to find iPrizeWheel and set it up on one iPad 2 connected to an HDTV that allowed our customers to spin themselves with just one finger. Everyone was absolutely WOWED by the prize wheel, and couldn’t wait for their turn to spin it!

The iPrizeWheel app added an exciting, engaging and professional aura to our event, adding significantly to its success. We highly recommend that you try this for yourself! You won't be disappointed!" -Charity, Katie & Micki, Boise, ID

"This app will save me a lot of time setting up show booths and allow me to collect contact info while the customer enjoys playing with my iPad. What a great idea!" (from iTunes)
"In youth ministry, we could use this wheel for everything. Games, prizes, determining peoples salvation." Read Post


iPrizeWheel Reviews are starting to pour in... - 4/5 Stars
"A fun and innovative app. iPrize Wheel HD takes the guessing and hard work out of having to come up with a marketing or game idea for your next industry event, party or baby shower — simply download, create and spin." Read Full Review - 4/5 Stars
" Every so often I have the opportunity to evaluate an app that makes me say ‘now that is a really cool use for the iPad!’ iPrizeWheel HD is one of those apps." Read Full Review - 4/5 Stars
"iPrizeWheel HD is a cheap alternative to a physical prize wheel. It does what it’s advertised to do and it does it pretty well. So if you who often uses prize wheels (think expo booths, events, restaurants, etc), then this is a great alternative." Read Full Review - 4/5 Stars
"This is an app that you have to try, at least when your try to organize a party. The games were already exciting and having to spin the wheel to get a prize was even better. It built up a suspense that spiked up the thrill of the game. Along with the game , you also have nice attractive music in the background that adds to the effects." Read Full Review
"If you or your organization are constructing a raffle or other promotion you should consider iPrizeWheel. We think the utility of getting yet another use from your iPad coupled with a visually appealing and easily applied centerpiece to your promotion makes it a worthy choice."

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