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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Does iPrizeWheel Require WiFi or 3G/4G to operate?
No. iPrizeWheel runs natively on your iPad. However, you do need internet connection and access to email on your iPad via WiFi or 3G/4G in order to export/import data and campaign settings. You can use the full functionality of the app, including data collection, without the need of an internet/data connection!

What Equipment Is Needed To Successfully Run iPrizeWheel?
iPrizeWheel is an app that requires an Apple iPad to run. It will run all all models of the iPad including the Mini, Air and Pro.

Many of our customers use iPrizeWheel in conjunction with an HDTV monitor. All iPads, with the exception of the original iPad 1, allow mirroring—apps like iPrizeWheel, presentations, websites, and more—on your HDTV or HDMI-compatible display in up to 1080p HD. HDMI Adapters are available from Apple and allows an HDMI output as well as the standard iPad charge cord. You can also use an AppleTV to stream wireless from your iPad to your HDMI equipment TV/monitor using Bluetooth.

For larger events where it's necessary to elevate your HDTV above the crowd, we recommend this TV stand from Outlet PC. It's the cheapest solution we've found, ships to you free and is a beautiful design. Total weight of the stand is about 70 lbs (so it's heavy!) and holds up to a 60" TV!

What Is The Pricing Structure For iPrizeWheel?
We do run specials from time to time but our core pricing is $9.99 for BASIC, $9.99 upgrade from Basic to Premium, $24.99 upgrade from Premium to Gold and $34.99 from Basic to Gold. For more information on features within each version, click here.

Are There Any Ongoing Costs To iPrizeWheel?
All updates to the version of the app that you purchase are 100% free. There are no monthly costs and we work hard to bring as many new features as possible to all versions.

I'm Not Hearing Any Sound. What's Going On?
Check all of the following:

  1. The side switch on your iPad is turned on and not showing any red under the button.
  2. Both the RING volume and the SOUND volume is turned up.
  3. You are not syncing your iPad with any bluetooth devices. We recommend turning Bluetooth off.

I'm Not Able To Purchase The In-App Upgrades To Premium Or Gold
This is an easy fix. Simply go into SETTINGS > iTunes & App Store and make sure you have a valid Apple ID entered and confirmed. Then go to GENERAL > Restrictions inside the SETTINGS app and turn Restrictions OFF. If Restrictions are enabled, you will want to ensure that "Installing Apps" and "In-App Purchases" are toggled OFF. Otherwise, iTunes will block your ability to upgrade with the in-app purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions - All Editions

How Do I Reinstall iPrizeWheel Without Being Billed Again
(Following applies to anyone purchasing V3.0 or higher after December 15, 2014.) As long as you are using the iTunes Store account that was used with the initial purchase, iTunes will not bill you to redownload the app. Simply go to the App store and purchase/download again just like before and then upgrade using the in-app purchases. Despite the pop-ups to purchase (which are really confusing, we know, but they are Apple controlled), you will not be charged and the final pop-up from iTunes will recognize your previous purchase and wave the fee. Again, the only way Apple will bill you twice is if you use a different iTunes account than what you used with the original purchase.

How Do I Get Back To Settings From The Wheel Without Closing The App?
We have hidden the settings icon in the top left corner of the screen. To access the settings when the wheel is displayed, simply tap the blank white area at the top left corner once, and the settings icon will appear. Tap it again to return to your apps settings.

Frequently Asked Questions - Premium Edition

How Do I Export Campaign Settings To A Second iPad?
This feature allows you to set up a wheel and then export those settings to additional iPads so you can then import and quickly mirror your settings without having to go through the set up again. Here are the steps to do this. Because it involves sending and receiving email, WIFI or 3G/4G Internet connection is required and an active email account needs to be set-up in your iPad's email app:

  1. Select EDIT EXISTING CAMPAIGN from the main home screen.
  2. Select your campaign.
  3. Select "Export Campaign" from the pop-up menu and email this data to an address set up on your other iPads (you will need access to this email on your other iPads).
  4. On your second iPad, open the email you just sent yourself and press/hold on the CampaignData.ipw attachment icon in the email, then select "Open in iPrizeWheel."
  5. This will create a new campaign on your iPad with all your settings, including any logo/icon! You can then edit the campaign just like any other.

NOTE: If nothing is happening when you select EXPORT CAMPAIGN, you more than likely do not have a working email set up in the iPad's Mail app. The export campaign needs to send an email attachment that contains all your campaign data so if email is not set up, this won't work. Also, make sure you have the same version (Premium/Gold) installed on both iPads.

What is Kiosk Mode?
This feature acts as an in app screen saver for iPrizeWheel. Simply set up the Kiosk Mode in the EDIT CAMPAIGN screen and iPrizeWheel will transition to the screen saver, playing any video/photos that you select. You can return to iPrizeWheel simply by tapping anywhere on the screen!

NOTE: If you are receiving an error when selecting Images, it's possible localization settings are turned off. Go to your iPad's main settings, select "Location Services" and make sure both Location Services main tab and iPrizeWheel is turned ON.

Customization options includes selecting photos or video to autoplay at a specific time the app is not in use (ex: 2 minutes). Photos must be selected in the same gallery. Also, a combo of photos and videos cannot be used. You can also choose the transition style between photos and the seconds during transitions for photos. This feature can be toggled ON/OFF at any time.

How Do I Change The Logo?
This is a bit tricky thanks to the inability to upload via the iPad, but it's just a number of easy steps that we'll walk you through.

  1. On your Mac/PC, upload your logo to the web using your own site, or use a free photo sharing site like Flickr, Picasa or Photo Bucket.
    To ensure your logo is clear, we recommend keeping it no larger than 830 pixels in width and 330 pixels in height.
  2. Write down the URL of your image ( for example).
  3. Open Safari web browser on your iPad and enter the URL of the image. Once open on your screen, tap and hold the image and "Save Image"
  4. Open up iPrizeWheel, go into the Edit Campaign screen and tap on "UPLOAD YOUR LOGO" button.
  5. Select the image you just saved in your iPad's camera roll and then tap "Done" twice.

How Do I Change The Congrats Wav?
The default ding that's played on the congrats screen can be changed to any sound effect or song on your iPad. You can purchase sound effects from the iTunes store or sync your own music or sounds, and then select that file right from the Create New Campaign screen. It's a great way to further customize iPrizeWheel to your brand!

The Data Collection Window Is Not Showing Up
Make sure you have the "Include" button on for any data fields you want to collect. Otherwise, fields will not show. Required is an optional toggle.

How Do I Export The Data I've Collected?
Simply open iPrizeWheel, tap on EDIT CAMPAIGN and the select EXPORT DATA. This will attached a CSV file to an email which you can then email to yourself (email has to be set up on your iPad) and then you can open this on your desktop or laptop using Excel!

NOTE: If iPrizeWheel is crashing when you are attempting to retrieve your data, please check:

  • Is your iPad up to date with the latest iOS version? (Settings > General > Software Update)
  • Do you have an active email account set up? (iPrizeWheel needs an email to export data)

If the answer to both the above questions is yes, it is possible that your data file has become corrupt. While this is very rare, we understand the concern this causes as you attempt to retrieve the data collected from your event. There is a way to still retrieve your data! It does take a few steps, but your data is still there and we can help you retreive it! NOTE: It is important that you DO NOT Sync your iPad or remove iPrizeWheel from your iPad. Doing so will result in complete loss of data.

Follow these steps to retrieve your data:

  1. Connect your iPad to iTunes using the USB connection from your iPad to your computer. Open up iTunes (DO NOT SYNC).
  2. Find your iPad in iTunes and then click on APPS.
  3. In the File Sharing window, you will see iPrizeWheel under Apps. Click on that. You will then see "iPrizeWheel Documents" in the window to the right. There should be a file called "iPrizeWheel_DB1.sql" listed. Highlight that and "SAVE TO" your desktop.
  4. You now need to download a program that can open and read .sql files. We recommend SQLite Database Browser which can be downloaded for free here:
  5. Open the .sql file using SQLite Database Browser. Export your data by selecting FILE > EXPORT > TABLE AS CSV FILE. Change Table name to tblUser and click EXPORT button. Save the file with the extension .csv to your desktop.
  6. You can now open your data using EXCEL.

If you need help with the above steps, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions - Gold Edition

How Do I Use The New Prize Weight Feature?
V3.0 Gold Edition introduces the most requested feature we've ever had for iPrizeWheel: Prize Weights. This allows you to customize the amount of times each prize is landed on in a 100 spin cycle. Simply tap on "Click Here To Set Prizes" on the Create/Edit Campaign screen and you'll see a default P(x) number next to each panel. Whether you're using a 16, 24 or 32 panel wheel, the system will select the best possible random sequence that will make all panels equal throughout a 100 spin cycle. Simply change these numbers up and down, with the grand total equaling 100, and you're all set!

Have a GRAND PRIZE that you rarely want to give out? Give it a "1" and it will only come up once every 100 spins. Or, if you're into the whole "false hope" sort of thing, set it at zero and rest easy that you'll never be giving out that prize. Of course, like all the features, you can also go in and toggle these numbers in a campaign, in case you feel generous at any given time.

Tap on "Set Default P(x)" to return to the suggested numbers.

NOTE: Use of the Prize Weight functionality P(x) in iPrizeWheel is done so AT YOUR OWN RISK. iPrizeWheel shall not be held accountable if you give away one too many cars or $100 bills. Seriously though, this is novelty software and the intent of this functionality is to help you give away less expensive items and more inexpensive items, like stickers and pencils. If you use iPrizeWheel to give away high valued prizes, you assume all responsibility and recognize the risk of doing so.

How Do I Add Custom Data Collection Fields and/or Checkboxes?
Tap on Data Options in the Create/Edit Campaign screen and then tap on "Add/Edit Custom Fields." From here you can tap on the PLUS icon to add unlimited custom fields. Custom fields are text boxes by default, but you can turn them into check boxes if you'd like. Simply toggle "Check Box" on/off. NOTE: You currently can not rearrange the order of the Data Collection fields, so map this out before entering.

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